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"After my first lesson with ReBecca, I felt that my singing had already improved so much.  ReBecca helped me get to the bottom of some bad singing habits that I had been developing over the years, and taught me how to take proper care of my voice.  Whenever I have a big audition coming up and I am nervous, I know ReBecca will help get me to where I need to be so that I feel confident and prepared. She is also so kind...a truly special person and lessons with her are more than just a singing lesson, they make my whole day better!"

- Mya

"I was most impressed upon meeting her.  She came into the school and shared with several classes, her excitement, creativity and passion for children.  We have found ReBecca to not only be reliable and responsible, but highly attuned to the children and sensitive to their needs.  Her rapport with them is warm, accepting and gentle.  Her classes are filled with enthusiasm, spirit and creativity.  The children run down the hall each week to greet her.  ReBecca is extremely aware of the need for spontaneity and flexibility around child-centered programming." 

- Pamela Cappe Hamovitch, Director, Early Childhood Centre at Holy Blossom Temple

"My son  Jake just turned 9 and has been taking piano with ReBecca for 2 years.

He says what he finds the most fun about ReBecca is that she'll encourage him to find songs that he loves and so he is excited about learning them. It's been wonderful watching him improve over the years and he's developed his passion for music since taking lessons with ReBecca. Jake is excited to show ReBecca what he learns every week and I think this encourages him to practice more.  I am very happy with his progress!  We love you ReBecca!  

- Janine

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